Graphical Representations of RDF/RDFS/OWL entity types

Below diagrams are given that represent the entity types defined for RDF, RDF Schema, and for OWL.

Also the formal listings are given (click here), as contained in the related W3C Recommendations.

By clicking on an entity type (light yellow) further information is accessible on that entity type, predominantly taken from the various W3C Recommendations.

By clicking on a reference (light brown) the diagram where the referenced entity type is defined is shown.

Note: This is still Work-In-Progress.

Basic OWL set-up rdfsClass owlClass Property Resource ObjectProp Thing


RDFS and OWL Classes Statement Literal List Restriction AnnProp Ontology OntProp AllDiff


RDF and RDFS Properties member subClassOf subPropOf


OWL Properties [1] owlProps1


OWL Properties [2] owlProps2


RDF Syntax Terms